Former WWE Superstar and UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock recently appeared as a guest on the “Asked with Riv & Landin” show. During the interview, Shamrock spoke about a number of WWE and MMA related topics, including the recent controversy surrounding CM Punk.

When asked for his thoughts on Punk possibly entering MMA, Shamrock noted that he would have no chance if he were to start off at the UFC level, and that he should start at the bottom due to the fact that he has no experience as a professional fighter.

Shamrock also spoke about Punk’s current situation with WWE, going as far as to call him a “spoiled brat” for walking out on the company when he didn’t get what he wanted, and claimed that he is suffering from “spoiled brat syndrome.”

“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” also spoke about Triple H, noting that Hunter dislikes him because he had to put him over several times during WWE’s “Attitude Era.” Shamrock claimed that “The Game” strongly dislikes putting other people over.

You can listen to the complete interview below: