WWE Superstar Kurt Angle had his farewell match this past weekend at WrestleMania 35. The Hall of Famer faced Baron Corbin in a losing effort that many did not see coming.

Angle recently held a Q&A on his Facebook page for fans. One fan asked Angle if he wished that he had wrestled more when he returned as RAW GM in 2017. Angle stated that “yes, I wish I would have wrestled more when I came back in early 2017.” Kurt elaborated further, saying that “I was wrestling really well then. Because of my inactivity of being GM, my body started to get arthritic. I got tighter, more sore, and less flexible than when I was active two years ago. In other words, the inactivity of not wrestling consistently led me to retirement a little faster. But, I can’t complain. I loved doing what I did in WWE.”

Another fan asked if Angle wished he could change the result of any of his WWE matches. Angle replied saying “honestly? My Wrestlemania 35 match. I would have liked to go out with a win, but I understand why it didn’t occur. Many people believe that I should have had a different opponent. Maybe. Maybe not. But my argument as to why it should have been Corbin is pretty strong. As a HOFer and Legend in WWE, I came to my final match last Sunday. It was my retirement match.”

Angle finished by saying “As a legend, or HOFer, or whatever you want to call me, my job is to leave the WWE by doing the honors for a younger talent. I did that. I would have loved to have won, but I don’t think I would have properly played my role if I did. You leave the company better than it was before you came. I think I was able to do that by losing to Corbin and then getting laid out on RAW¬†the next night to Lars. It may have felt wrong, but it was the right thing to do. Agree to disagree.”