WWE Superstar Lacey Evans recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. The “Sassy Southern Belle” of WWE talked about her career at length.

Fans Disliking The Character

Evans first talked why she believes fans ‘dislike’ her character. “People hate me because they aren’t me, understand? They want to be a legitimate role model such as myself and that is none of my business,” Evans stated. “I piss people off because, probably, no matter how hard they try, they will never be half of the woman that I am. From my military service, to the fact that I am a mother, a wife with the same man that I have been with since I was 15 years old – I am the epitome of what every woman in this world should be and yet they’re not. And you know why? Because they are a bunch of nasty things who don’t know how to conduct themselves with class.”

In-Ring Experience

Evans also talked about her inexperience in-ring and how she is growing as a performer in WWE.¬†“You know what, it’s going to [take] time – time in this business and learning how to do what it is that is expected of me with all of this light. However, one thing I have going for me is confidence.”

Lacey elaborated further, saying “no matter what the reviews are for any match that I have with anybody, I am not going anywhere. I am going to continue to learn, and I will be the first to tell you that my in-ring work, my promo work, you name it, is not somebody that has been doing this for 10 plus years. I just now hit over three years in this business, but like I said, I am not going anywhere, I have a lot to learn but I am confident enough to tell you that I am going to learn it and I am going to come back, week after week, month after month, year after year until I feel like I am on top. But I am not going to stop and I am going to continue to learn what I can learn to be up there. I have the confidence to tell you what I need to learn and it is a package deal in my mind.”

*Credit To WrestlingINC for the transcription 


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