New WWE SmackDown Superstar Lars Sullivan responded to fan comments on Instagram today and seemed satisfied with ending up on the blue brand in the 2019 Superstar Shakeup.

When asked what he thought about how the Shakeup went, Sullivan responded with, “Fantastic / Incredible.”

Sullivan also indicated that he believes he will make it to the main event scene soon. When asked when he will become WWE Champion, The Freak said, “Within 18 months is my realistic goal.”

Lars also revealed a softer side when a fan asked for advice on going through depression. Sullivan responded, “Step back, reflect, and put things in perspective. You’ll be ok big fella.”

There’s been no word yet on who Sullivan will be feuding with on the blue brand, but he attacked R-Truth on Tuesday’s show to announce his arrival. Sullivan was asked who he will go after next. He responded, “Good question. I’ll make my final decision as SmackDown is starting this Tuesday.”

Sullivan was asked about two other new SmackDown Superstars - Buddy Murphy and Roman Reigns. When asked to team up with Murphy, Lars said, “I have absolutely no common ground with the guy.”

When another fan warned Lars that he is now in The Big Dog’s yard, he responded with, “I’ll take a dump in his yard.”

You can see Sullivan’s comments on the Instagram post below: