The July 4th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW aired live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

– Members of the WWE roster are in the back having a 4th of July party when The Miz and Maryse take over. Eventually someone throws food at them, then an all-out food fight breaks out. The Big Show hits Kane with a chicken wing when gets them at each other’s throats, but then instead turn their attention to Heath Slater and give him a double chokeslam through a table. Kevin Owens comes out from the table he was hiding under at the end and says “This would never happen on Canada Day.”

Rusev def. Titus O’Neil: The U.S. Title is on the line in this one. Rusev dominates the opening moments both in the ring and at ringside. Titus mounts a comeback and starts trading right hands with Rusev, and Titus gets the upper hand with a series of shoulder blocks. Titus hits a splash in the corner and a spinning powerslam, then follows up with the Clash Of the Titans for a 2 count. Rusev comes back with a couple kicks to the head, then locks him in the Accolade for the win. Rusev grabs a mic after the match and cuts an anti-USA promo.

– The Social Outcasts come out dressed as American settlers, which brings out Enzo & Cass who cut a promo on them, and we have a match.

Enzo & Cass def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel: Enzo starts things off and the Outcasts members use frequent tags to get the upper hand. Big Cass gets the hot tag and he lays out Dallas with a big boot. Cass slaps Enzo in and they hit the Rocket Launcher for the win.

– Charlotte comes out with Dana Brooke to cut a promo about other women being jealous of her. She starts talking about Sasha Banks, which brings out the Boss. Sasha comes out to the ring and calls Charlotte a knock-off of her dad. Sasha lays them both out but Charlotte comes back with a boot to the face. Sasha gets back up and hits the backstabber and the Banks Statement until Dana breaks it up.

Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz: This is a non-title match. After some back-and-forth action in the opening minutes, Ambrose throws Miz to the outside and follows up with a suicide plancha. Back in the ring, The Miz gets the upper hand and works on Ambrose’s knee. The Miz goes for a neckbreaker but Ambrose gets out and hits a series of clotheslines. Ambrose sends The Miz to the outside again and hits a suicide dive before taking things back in the squared circle. The Miz comes back with a big boot, but Ambrose is able to hit the Dirty Deeds shortly after for the win.

– As Ambrose is walking to the back, he gets confronted by Seth Rollins. They end up just walking past each other as Rollins makes his way to the ring for his match next. Ambrose eventually changes his mind and heads back to ringside to join the commentary team.

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler: Rollins takes control of the match early on and tries to keep Ziggler grounded, although he keeps getting distracted by Ambrose at ringside. Ziggler hits a big dropkick, but misses the follow-up superkick as Rollins rolls outside to recover. Back in the ring, Ziggler hits a bulldog off the top rope for 2. Rollins attempts a powerbomb but Dolph gets out and hits a series of clotheslines. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for another 2 count. Rollins hits a superkick for a 2 count of his own. Ziggler reverses a Pedigree into a fireman’s carry and follows up with another superkick for a near-fall. Ziggler hits a tornado DDT but misses the Zig-Zag attempt and Rollins comes back with the Pedigree for the win.

– After the match, Rollins stands on the commentary table and says Roman Reigns should be taken out of the match at Battleground because of his drug suspension. Rollins says the fans are just like Reigns. Ambrose gets up and brawls with Rollins around ringside, then plants him on the Spanish announce table with the Dirty Deeds.

– We see a video of Bray Wyatt asking viewers to join him in the Wyatt Family, and leave behind the ‘power of positivity.”

– Vickie Guerrero comes out and says she wants to run SmackDown again. Security guards come out to haul off Vickie as she’s screaming about wanting to be the COO.

– The Big Show gives a pep talk to the other members of ‘Team USA’ in the back for their upcoming 16-man tag match against a team of international wrestlers.

– We see Vickie being hauled off by security in the back when they run into Dolph Ziggler, who says she’s never seen her in his entire life.

Goldust & R-Truth def. The Vaudevillains: Tyler Breeze & Fandango are at ringside for this one. Lots of tags in the opening moments of this one, then Goldust and R-Truth hit the Solid Gold for the win in a very short match.

– In the latest Make Darren Young Great Again segment, Backlund says he needs to make his problems submit to his will. Backlund tells Young he needs a submission hold, and Young says he doesn’t have one. Backlund tells Young he needs to be a master of the Cross-Face Chicken Wing, and tells him he’s giving him the move to use.

– John Cena hits the ring to address AJ Styles and The Club. Cena tells The Club: You want some, come get some. They come out and AJ talks about how fans relate more to them than Cena. The Club says they’re going to keep beating up John Cena whenever they want, including today on America’s birthday. And with that, they hit the ring. They all jump Cena 3 on 1 until Enzo and Cass come out for the save. They lay out The Club and the heels retreat up the ramp.

Becky Lynch def. Summer Rae: Natalya is in the back watching on a monitor. Summer Rae gets in some offense in the opening moments including a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. They botch a vertical suplex when Becky appears to jump too soon and Summer goes with it. Becky comes back with a flying forearm in the corner and a t-bone suplex for a near-fall. Becky locks Summer in the Disarm-her for the win.

– Jericho is giving a pep talk to the team of international wrestlers in the back who will be facing Team USA later. Jericho wishes then a late Happy Canada Day, then starts bickering with Del Rio in Spanish. Owens stands up and says he’s ready to beat the hell out of some “stupid idiot Americans,” which Jericho points out is his line.

– Enzo and Cass cut a promo about Sonic fast food in the back.

– The New Day is out to the ring to address their feud with the Wyatt Family. They get interrupted by the members of the Wyatt family on the big screen cutting a promo on them. Bray invites them to his compound, and asks if they are men or cowards. Kofi and Big E accept the invite and continue trash-talking the Wyatt Family while Xavier looks disturbed. Xavier tells his teammates the Wyatt Family is dangerous, and thinks they shouldn’t go to the Wyatts’ compound. Xavier leaves the ring by himself and walks up the ramp with Big E and Kofi looking on.

Team USA def. Team International in a 16-man elimination tag match: Owens and Ryder start off, but D-Von and Sin Cara quickly get the tags. Sin Cara hits a series of high-flying offensive moves on D-Von, but Bubba tags himself in and they hit the 3D on Sin Cara for the elimination. Sheamus eliminates Bubba with the Brogue Kick and we go to commercial. Cesaro swings D-Von then submits him with the Sharpshooter for the elimination. Jericho tags himself in which prompts a “stupid idiots” chant from the crowd, then hits the Codebreaker on Swagger for the elimination. Mark Henry eliminates Kalisto with the World’s Strongest Slam, then Owens eliminates Henry with the pop-up powerbomb. Owens starts fighting with his teammate Sami Zayn, which leads to Owens hitting Zayn with a chair and getting himself eliminated via DQ. Owens lays out Kane with the chair for good measure, then Kane hits him back with a chair and is also eliminated via DQ for hitting the already-eliminated Owens. Apollo Crews hits a standing moonsault on Sami Zayn for the elimination, then Sheamus eliminates Crews with the Brogue Kick. The remaining members of Team International start fighting each other. Cesaro clears the ring, but then gets rolled up by Ryder for the elimination. Big Show punches Jericho for the elimination, then chokeslams Del Rio to eliminate him. Big Show chops Sheamus in the chest a few times, then tags in Ryder. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder to eliminate Sheamus and secure the win for Team USA.