It appears as though the presentation of television matches may be changing in WWE. Bryan Alvarez confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio today that “apparently there was a meeting last week and Vince just told everybody there’s no more wrestling during commercial breaks.”

This would explain the inclusion of 2 out of 3 falls matches in the last week. It is odd that we could sporadically see them added to shows such as RAW and Smackdown going forward. 2 out of 3 Falls matches are prevalent in Mexican/Lucha Libre styled wrestling. But these matches are seen as a ‘gimmick’ bout to North American/European audiences. If WWE will start randomly adding these matches to television it could get very stale very quickly.

This could just be another one of Vince McMahon’s week by week strategies. There’s a good chance this could change as easily as this Monday. It’s been impossible to keep up with the constant jumps and changes from the company this year (Wildcard anyone?) so it will be interesting to see if this takes off.

Jake’s Take: I’d like to say an official farewell to “RAW Rolls On” and the 17 suicide dives a night. You will be remembered…but I’m in no way sad to see you go.

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