Matt Hardy Now Officially Owns The Broken Universe Trademark

In a story that first broke on, Matt Hardy is now listed as the complete and sole owner of the Broken Universe trademark, as well as all trademarks related to it. This includes the trademark for Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brilliance, and Vanguard1. On January 8th, Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm, along with Matt Hardy, signed an agreement that handed over ownership of the trademarks to Hardy. In addition to this, Impact Wrestling was issued a non-final refusal of their trademark application in July of last year, and they had until January 28th to respond. On January 31st, Hardy officially took complete ownership of the trademarks, and is able to use them as he pleases. This is good news for fans who want to see the complete version of his “Broken” gimmick in WWE. In celebration of their long-fought legal victory, Hardy’s wife, Rebecca, tweeted the following: