WWE will be releasing Eric Bischoff – Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure on DVD & Blu-Ray on June 7th in the U.S. and June 13th in the U.K. The new DVD set follows Bischoff filming over two hours of separate content for the WWE Network in 2015.

Here’s the synopsis for the documentary:

Arguably the most controversial figure to ever step foot in the industry, Eric Bischoff is responsible for some of the most revolutionary moments in sports-entertainment history.

From creating the nWo to battling WWE as the figurehead of WCW during The Monday Night War to being one of the most-hated personalities in both WCW and WWE, Eric Bischoff knew how to get under his rival’s skin while creating his own in your face brand of controversy.

Relive all of Eric Bischoff’s greatest moments and hear stories from the man himself and see why he was appropriately named “The King of Controversy”.

There’s no word on what matches, if any, will be included.


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