NXT TakeOver: War Games Results & Live Discussion (11/18)

WWE’s first-ever NXT TakeOver: War Games took place on November 18th, 2017 at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

- We see a nice “War Games” themed video package to kick off the broadcast before Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Toyota Center. The two rings are set up side-by-side, and Kassius Ohno comes out to kick things off.

- Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan: They’ll be wrestling in the ring set up closest to the entrance stage. They brawl into the corner off the opening bell and trade stiff strikes. Lars gets the upper hands and throws Kassius outside for a beat-down at ringside. Back in the ring, Lars blocks a big boot, but Kassius connects with an enziguri. Lars comes back with a lariat to cut off Ohno. Ohno fires back with a big boot, but Lars answers with a pop-up powerslam for a two count. Lar goes up top for a splash and Kassius rolls out of the way. They trade elbows and Kassius hits a series of shots to the face and back of the head. Kassius hits the spinning big boot for a two count. Lars sits up and Kassius boots him back down. Lars sits back up and he gets another boot to the face. Lars fires up and tells him to bring it, so Kassius stomps a mud hole in him and then hits a senton drop for another two count. Kassus hits an elbow shot, but when he goes for a second one, Lars grabs him and hits the Freak Accident for the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

- Lars yells and tells Kassius “this is what you wanted” as he heads to the back.

- UK wrestlers Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews and Wolfgang are seen sitting at ringside.

- The Undisputed Era is backstage in the locker room talking with NXT GM William Regal, but we don’t hear what they’re saying.

- The Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black: For this match, they’re wrestling in the ring farthest from the entrance ramp. The opening bell sounds and they lock up after a stare-down. They trade back-and-forth wrestling holds in the opening moments, with Black taking over. Black puts Dream in a submission hold then pins for a two count. Dream fires back with an elbow to the face and follows up with more strikes. Black throws Dream outside and runs at him, but he sees Dream move, so Black backflips off the ropes and sits down in the ring. Dream comes in and dances in front of Black then sits down with him. They get up and Dream takes over with strikes on black. Dream beats Black out to ringside then teases going for a suicide dive, but he decides against it. Back in the ring, Dream superkicks Black for a two count. Dream pummels on Black then hits a neckbreaker for another two count. Dream ties up Black in the ropes and the ref backs him off. Black kicks him away and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Black kicks Dream down again, but Dream fires back with an elbow. Black hits another kick and a knee, but Dream shuts him down with a Death Valley Driver for another two count. Dream takes Black up to the top rope for another Death Valley Driver, but Black escapes and kicks out Dream’s leg. Black looks to go for the finish, but Dream drops him with a spinning DDT. Dream goes up top for the Purple Rain Maker, but Black blocks it with a kick and Dream falls back into the ropes. Dream gets tied up in the ropes so Black boots him in the face, and the ref gets in Black’s face. Dream comes up behind the ref and kicks Black, then Black hits back with a kick of his own. Black hits another kick for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

- After the match, Black sits down next to Dream and tells him to “enjoy infamy Velveteen Dream.”

- We see Regal walking in to Sanity’s locker room in the back.

- Asuka, Funaki and Finn Balor are shown sitting at ringside.

- NXT Women’s Title: Nikki Cross vs. Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce vs. Ember Moon: This one is for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship and is under Fatal 4 Way rules. The opening bell sounds and Nikki and Kairi go at it while Peyton and Ember go at it. Peyton starts dropping people with kicks, and the fights spills out to ringside. Sane hits a flying forearm from the apron onto Peyon on the floor, then Ember runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Sane and Peyton. Nikki and Ember start brawling on the floor and Ember powerbombs her down at ringside. Ember goes for a superkick on Sane back in the ring, but Sane blocks it and drops Ember. Sane goes for a spear on Peyton but Peyton evades it and locks in a submission on the ropes. Ember breaks up the hold and starts brawling with Peyton. Sane, Ember and Peyton now brawl into the corner and there ends up being a big pyramid slam off the turnbuckle. Cross comes back in the ring and hits a big crossbody on all three of her opponents as they get up. Cross gets fired up and starts cleaning house. Ember fires back with a big boot on Cross. Cross follows up with a forearm shots and a neckbreaker on Ember for a two count. Peyton comes in and hits a Fisherman’s suplex on Cross for two. Sane hits the Alabama Slam on Peyton on top of Cross. Sane goes up top and hits the elbow on Cross and Peyton. Ember breaks up the pin attempt and goes up top. Peyton nocks her down, then Peyton starts fighting with Cross. Ember comes off the top and hits the Eclipse on Peyton and Cross at the same time, then she covers Cross for the win.

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Ember Moon

- After the match, Regal and Asuka present the Women’s Title to Ember.

- Regal is seen backstage speaking with Roderick Strong and the Authors of Pain.

- Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are shown (separately) sitting at ringside.

- NXT Title: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Drew McIntyre Zelina Vega is at ringside in Almas’ corner. Almas pie-faces Drew away from him as the ref holds up the NXT Title. The ref keeps the apart then calls for the opening bell. After a series of back-and-forth strikes in the opening moments, Almas starts taking control and locks Drew in an armbar over the ropes. Drew starts coming back and hits some overhead suplexes on Almas. Drew kicks up to his feet and misses a shot on Almas, leading to Almas rocking him in the corner. Almas follows up with a tornado reverse DDT for a two count. Almas goes for a reverse hurricanrana on Drew, but the Champion reverses it into an Alabama slam for a two count. Drew climbs up top, but Almas runs up and dropkicks him down, and the Champion falls down to the floor. Almas jumps down onto Drew but Drew catches him in the powerbomb position. Almas reverses this into a hurricanrana into the ring post. Almas goes up top and follows up with a moonsault off the top rope onto Drew on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Almas goes up top but Drew stops him with some right hands. Drew goes for the superplex, but Almas escapes. Almas crotches Drew on the top rope then hangs him in the tree of woe. Almas stomps Drew down then hits a running double knee strike. Almas pins for a two count. Almas goes for a kick but Drew ducks and answers with a sit-out powerbomb on the challenger for a two count. Almas hits a chop to the chest and McIntyre fires back with a headbutt. Drew hits the Future Shock for another two count. Drew takes Almas to the middle rope for a flying Celtic Cross, but Almas escapes and drops Drew in the corner. Almas charges and hits another double knee strike on Drew for a two count. The ref distracts Almas and Zelina runs in and hits a hurricanrana on Drew. Almas runs in and DDTs Drew for a two count. Drew fires back with a running big boot and pins, but Zelina helps Almas get his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. They get up and Drew goes for another big boot, but Almas ducks and Drew crotches himself on the top rope. Almas sits Drew on the top rope then hits draping DDT off of it and Drew lands flat on the top of his head. Almas pins to score the three count, and we have a new champion.

Winner and new NXT Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas

- Andrade and Zelina celebrate with the NXT Title belt up the ramp and on the stage.

- Sirens go off in the arena and big double-wide cage lowers over the two rings. We see a video package highlighting what lead up to this War Games match.

- Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson and shown sitting at ringside.

- War Games: SAnitY vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong: Eric Young, Adam Cole, and Roderick Strong will start this one off. Paul Ellering shouts at one of the refs before things start. The three men in the ring come face to face before starting the fight. Cole swings first but Strong drops him. Young goes to beat down Cole, but Strong pulls him away and drops him next. They face off again before Young decks Strong, then turns his attention to Cole. Strong recovers nad hits a backbreaker on Young, then he starts brawling with Cole. Strong blocks a dropkick then launches Cole in the cage wall. Cole latches on to the cage, but Young and Strong meet him on the top rope. Cole crotches them both on the top rope and they fall down to the mat. Cole takes control of the match now until Strong fires up and starts laying into both opponents with chops and running knee strikes. We see the countdown, and Fish and O’Reilly are released into the match next. They hit the ring and go right for Strong. They triple team Strong and Young and control the next moments of the match. The timer starts up again, and Akam and Rezar are released into the match now. They rush the structure and start beating down everyone except Strong. They start throwing Undisputed Era members onto the metal platform between the two rings, and delivering Fireman’s Carries onto other opponents’ bodies. The timer starts again, and now the rest of Sanity hits the ring. Wolfe climbs in and reveals that he brought a night stick with him, then he starts beating down the Authors with it. Dain starts throwing in weapons then he grabs a table from ringside. Sanity is now in control of the match as Young and Wolfe start laying everyone out with weapons. Dain finally feels there are enough weapons in the ring, and he gets and locks the door behind him. Dain appears to swallow the key to the door. Dain now starts beating everyone down while Young and Wolfe recover. Dain dropkicks Akem and falls onto Rezar with a senton drop. Dain climbs up top and hits a diving cross body onto the opponents down in the ring. Dain now turns his attention to Cole. Cole swings a kendo stick at Dain and Dain blocks it. Dain grabs Cole for a chokeslam but Fish makes the save. Fish tries a sunset flip on Dain but doesn’t have any luck. Cole charges at Dain for a cross body, but Dain catches him and piledrives him on top of Fish. Dain picks up Cole for a Fireman’s Carry, then Strong charges for a cross body and Dain catches him too. Dain then delivers a Samoan Drop-Fallaway slam combo. Dain starts trading strikes with Rezar now until Dain drops him with a cross body. Akam now runs in with a right hand and a powerslam on Dain for a two count. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT on Akam, and Dain drops Cole. The Undisputed Era drops Dain and double teams him with kicks. O’Reilly chokes Wolfe with a chain then puts him in an arm bar, but Young breaks it up with a flying elbow drop. Fish then hits a moonsault on Young. The authors hit the Super Collider with Dain caught between them. Dain is now bleeding but it’s not clear where the cut is. Young decks Strong, then Death Valley Drivers Akam onto Razar. Strong hits the Lumbar Check on Cole, then starts laying out other opponents with kicks and knees. Strong hits a backbreaker on Wolfe next, then a knee to Dain. Strong hits the Olympic Slam on Dain but Cole breaks the pin. Young and Strong start fighting on the opposite ring corners, and the other competitors run up behind them and it leads to two tower of doom super-powerbombs, one in each ring. Adam Cole was the one not caught in the chaos, but the Authors are able to grab him and crotch him on the top rope. The Authors set up two tables now next to each other. The Authors look to set up Cole for a superplex, but Wolfe breaks it up. Cole climbs to the top of the cage to escape the Authors, while Wolfe German suplexes one of the authors off the top rope through both tables. Young hits a leaping neckbreaker on the other Author. Cole is still on the top of the catch for a breather. O’Reilly starts hitting people with a garbage can in the ring. He hits a series of strikes on Dain, but Dain decks him with a lariat. Dain sets a garbage can up in front of O’Reilly in one corner, and he climbs up the climbs up to the opposite corner. Dain hits the coast-to-coast Van Terminator on O’Reilly. Strong climbs to the top of the cage and grabs Cole. Strong superplexes Cole off the top of the cage into the ring onto a crowd of their opponents below. The Authors hit a clothesline/Russian leg sweep on Dain on the metal platform between the rings. Wolfe gets up and appears to be bleeding from the head. Wolfe and Young double team O’Reilly, then Strong sneaks up behind Wolfe and suplexes him. Strong and Cole trade strikes until Young grabs Strong and slams him into the cage. Cole drops Young with the kendo stick. Young starts getting up with a chair in his hands, and Cole hits a running knee that drives the chair into Young’s face. Cole pins for the three count.

Winners: The Undisputed Era

- Bodies are scattered all over the rings and Wolfe is covered in blood as TakeOver goes off the air.