Welcome to Performer Perspective here on 24 Wrestling. We want to make sure that as many voices from as many different walks of life are heard here on the site. So we’re extremely proud to announce that UK performer with TIDAL, PROGRESS and a whole lot more Alex Cupid is the first person to join us for Performer Perspective.

Alex Cupid

The Weekend of Being an….

Absolute C*nt.


Wrestling is epic.

Be it Extreme Rules or AEW Fight For The Fallen or your favourite Indy, it’s a guarantee that you’ve enjoyed watching wrestling this past weekend. Y’all ever heard of Exposure Wrestling?

Nah most of you haven’t…Yet. Give us time and give us support because we’re building something here.

You have Dragon Pro, Y’all get weird and wonderful with Attack and if you’re purely here for family fun you have Welsh Wrestling. So…What the f*ck does Exposure bring to the table? A clusterf*ck of everything good about all the promotions listed above.

This Weekend is called:

The Weekend Of Being An Absolute C*nt.

Join me.


Exposure Wrestling (LuchaMania)
Dolman Theatre

This show cemented exactly who heel Alex Cupid is, He’s the self-aware twat that rubs your need to protect your pride in your face. He’s gonna exploit you for everything you have. It’s awful, Jesus f*ck…he’s a c*nt.

NXT LVL (Antonio Gonzalez & Tyler Owens) bt Joe and David Eton, Alex Cupid and MJ Grayson via 450 splash to MJ Grayson.

Lucha Gauntlet match – Casey Wild 20 men after pinning fellow finalist Alex Cupid after he was taken out by Chantal Jordan.

Yep…I got my a** kicked.

Yet I elevated myself into a prime position here at Exposure. Wrestling is wicked for that alone. You can often win without winning.


Camp show style show

I beat the baby face Axel Carter with low blow then beat him up with a chair that led to a big 8 man tag.

Babyfaces won

Welsh people are happy.

That’s all I can be bothered to write!

I’m already a week behind so tune in next week for some more Weekends Of Wrestling.

Special thanks to Exposure Wrestling and Nigel for the lovely weekend and to the people of Newport for being…well you.


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