Welcome to Performer Perspective here on 24 Wrestling. We want to make sure that as many voices from as many different walks of life are heard here on the site. So we’re extremely proud to announce that UK performer with TIDAL, PROGRESS and a whole lot more Alex Cupid is the first person to join us for Performer Perspective.

Alex Cupid

Sup guys!

Hope y’all have been enjoying life recently, I’ve been struggling with my anxiety but as of late I’ve been pretty relaxed and quite mellow.

Mellow often sounds negative, for a mind as active and rowdy as my own…Mellow is the best I can get.

(While writing this column a woman just took a picture of me plugging my phone into the Overground outlet that says not for public use…I might get cancelled on Twitter folks)

This past weekend was pretty busy!

Saturday was BEW!

British Empire Wrestling is a south London promotion who run quality shows with a heavy emphasis on pushing women’s wrestling.

The men’s matches are the token 2nd match normally.

The show was very good and gave me a glimpse into the future of BEW and also UBW

As in my match (6 man elimination) it featured well….4 UBW trainees.

Theodore Powers def Alex Cupid, Frances Drake, Eddie Kickflip, Sassy Bear Clarence and Jonathan Sanctus to….compete in the world pillow fighting tournament finals….

Yeah….Is it bad, if I say I’m happy I lost?


HOPE FUTR is run by the excellent wrestler Kyle Kingsley and successfully ran two shows this past weekend ( check the bottom again init)

Last week was a huge opportunity against Rocky Mac.

Sunday was another opportunity against “Mean Machine” Mark Sanders.

Alex Cupid def Mark Sanders via DQ (Sanders attacked the ref then proceed to attack a cameramen before Cupid made the save)

This is the weekend of growth as I continue to make towns and fix frowns (kill me)

I’m getting better both in and out of the ring.

Join me?


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