NXT Takeover: Toronto took place last night from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. Following the show Triple H appeared in a Q&A with Cathy Kelly to discuss certain aspects of the show and performers.

Talking about the 2 out of 3 falls match Triple H had some huge praise for Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole. The match took place for the NXT Championship. NXT GM William Regal announced earlier in the day that the third fall of the bout would be a weapons cage match. Adam Cole had already decided that the first fall would be a ‘classic’ wrestling match. Gargano decided that the second fall would be a Street Fight.

During the interview Cathy Kelly asked about the future of Undisputed Era. Kelly mentioned that the group had a prophecy of leaving NXT Takeover: Toronto with all of the gold in the promotion. This did not happen (SPOILERS available elsewhere on the site). Triple H claimed that although they were unsuccessful that they “staked a pretty strong claim that NXT could be theirs.”

We don’t have confirmation that the Undisputed Era will be remaining on the brand, but there seems to be some hesitation in bringing them up to the main roster


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