Welcome to PPV Week! Every month we will be featuring some unique content centered around the biggest shows from WWE, AEW and beyond. We have two PPVs in a week with the first ever AEW event this coming Saturday! Double or Nothing will be taking place from Las Vegas, Nevada on May 25th. Cody Rhodes recently attempted to trademark some wrestling related names, presumably for the new All Elite Wrestling promotion. ‘Bash At The Beach’ was one of the names that Cody tried to trademark. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has given an initial refusal to the application, likely because of the competitive confusion between this and ‘The Bash,’ an old WWE trademarked term for their older PPV.

Rhodes has also recently attempted to trademark ‘Dusty Rhodes’ but this was also initially refused. The following terms were approved however: Bunkhouse Stampede, BattleBowl, The American Nightmare, The American Dream, and The Prince of Wrestling. They will be published for opposition at a later date.

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