Welcome to PPV Week! Every month we will be featuring some unique content centered around the biggest shows from WWE, AEW and beyond. Tonight is one of the biggest nights in modern professional wrestling. Brand new promotion All Elite/AEW will be hosting their first ever official show ‘Double or Nothing’ tonight from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. One of the questions that many fans are asking is who could appear on the PPV tonight? Does the company have a major star in wrestling to shock the fans and create a huge buzz online? There’s certainly a chance that we see one or two former WWE Superstars making an appearance on the show without prior warning. One of those could just be CM Punk.

Punk Mentions AEW

Now, Punk has been quick to joke about AEW online. Earlier this week and he alluded to the company in a humorous manner on Twitter. Punk is one to ‘troll’ fans and he is of course going to know about the hubbub about tonight’s show. Here in fact is what he said yesterday:

One of the biggest spanners in the works is that CM Punk is actually contracted to appear at an MMA event tonight. Punk will be commentating on a UFC Fight Pass event, Cage Fury Fighting Championships in Coachella. That show is around 300 miles away from the MGM Grand…which is a long way, but wait.

Remember when Chris Jericho was flown in to All In to attack Kenny Omega? Tony Khan arranged for his private jet to take Jericho to All In and to work the angle before going back to a Fozzy gig. Now, it is extremely unlikely that Punk will actually at Double or Nothing tonight, but it isn’t out of the question.

There’s also a potential for Punk to appear but not in a physical capacity. The Straight Edge former wrestler could appear on screen in a pre-taped segment. The most interesting thing is that whilst CM Punk had seemingly burned bridges within wrestling and didn’t seem like he every wanted to return a lot of fans are desperate for him to appear.

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