WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman/X-Pac recently discussed the PAC situation relating to AEW’s ‘Double or Nothing’ PPV. It was recently revealed that PAC will not be appearing in a match at the PPV. PAC was expected to be taking on Hangman Page in a singles match but this was nixed due to issues with PAC’s Dragon Gate situation.

PAC is the Open The Dream Gate Champion in Dragon Gate. The company hold their Championships in high regard and are unwilling for PAC to lose clean anywhere outside of the promotion. The ‘Black Arrow’ master returned to DG after leaving WWE as it was the company that helped elevate his career greatly. PAC is clearly a passionate and loyal performer who wanted to ‘give back’ to the Japanese company.

The funny thing is PAC was actually going to beat Hangman Page at DoN. The issues stemmed from the long term booking afterwards. AEW wanted to have a programme between PAC and Kenny Omega. Whilst PAC is a Dragon Gate Champion this would be hard to accomplish.

Waltman stated on his show “that’s the potential problem with people not being exclusive. It shouldn’t be an issue. But okay I can understand Dragon Gate going ‘We don’t want you losing on everyone’s streaming service or TV show or pay-per-view if you’re our champion.’ Especially in the past, Japanese promotions have been like that,” stated Waltman. “AEW shouldn’t have to book around some other promotion… I don’t think this is going to be an issue with other people.”

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

You can check out the full Podcast below:


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