Welcome to PPV Week! Every month we will be featuring some unique content centered around the biggest shows from WWE, AEW and beyond. This week of course sees the return of the Money In The Bank (MITB) PPV. This is the first ‘Network Special’ since WrestleMania 35 and there are some top matches on the card.

In this column we’ll be looking at the most likely Superstar to leave MITB with the coveted men’s briefcase. Some of WWE’s top performers have ascended the ladder and taken the contract, catapulting their careers. Could this year’s competitors push on and become top stars in the company?

  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Sami Zayn vs Andrade vs Ricochet vs Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ali

This is actually one of the stronger line ups that MITB has had in a long time. Realistically there isn’t one performer in the match who you could point to as being massively unlikely of winning. WWE has given somewhat of push to each man and there are valid reasons for each getting a run with the briefcase. Having said that I can probably narrow it down to 4 really legitimate and most likely candidates.

The Candidates

  • Sami Zayn – Since returning Sami Zayn has been gold on the microphone. Zayn has completely turned his back on the fans and stated that he is here for himself. Sami’s arrogant, snobbish heel persona could be wonderful with the MITB and a sneak win for the title could help elevate him to the next level. Although I do think that Sami is the 4th most likely candidate to win.
  • Andrade – Reports seem to indicate that Vince McMahon himself is very excited about Andrade. Although the Mexican star is not strong at promos he has a phenomenal in-ring ability and could have some great matches on the top of the card. Andrade is my 3rd most likely candidate to win.
  • Baron Corbin – Calm down. As much as I really don’t want to see Baron Corbin winning there is a strong case for the former RAW General Manager. Corbin is despised by the WWE ‘Universe’ and still needs to avenge his previous unsuccessful cash in for the title. I’m hoping that I am way off but Corbin is my 2nd most likely candidate to win.
  • Drew McIntyre – The Scottish Superstar is my pick to win the briefcase. McIntyre is a bonafide megastar waiting to happen, he is a strong promo when given the chance and has a unique, domineering presence in-ring. To me McIntyre is the right pick to win the briefcase but I expect him to call his shot early instead of cashing in on a downed Champion, much like Rob Van Damn did back in 2006.

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