WWE is in Toronto this weekend for SummerSlam weekend. Like WrestleMania, SummerSlam has a full weekend of Fan Axxess and interaction opportunities with WWE Superstars.

As you can see by the video below R-Truth had a meet and greet session during one of the events. A ‘fan’ appeared wearing Green John Cena merchandise, the full lot, with a cap covering the ‘fan’s’ face. R-Truth then had a photo opportunity with the ‘fan,’ saying that “John Cena was his favourite when he was a kid.” Truth also kept happily saying how there was “no referee” in sight. Another ‘fan’ then appeared and it turned out to be an official WWE referee.

The John Cena ‘fan’ then took off his cap and it was revealed to be Drake Maverick. The former 24/7 Champion then attempted to roll up Truth but only got a two count. Fellow WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil then tried to pin Truth but was unsuccessful. Real fans in attendance did not see this coming and reacted huge when Maverick revealed himself.

Truth finally escaped. Maverick then berated Titus for getting involved and stopping him from ‘consummating’ his marriage once again. O’Neil then took Maverick and threw him in a nearby bin.

Yes, this all really happened and you can watch it via the video below:


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