It’s currently being reported that Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will not be appearing at the Super ShowDown. The show in Saudi Arabia is part of the controversial deal that WWE signed with the Kingdom for a run of shows over the next few years. It’s now been confirmed that Aleister Black will also not be appearing at the event.

Dave Meltzer recently wrote in the Wrestling Observer that Black’s absence will be due to some of his tattoos having a religious connotation. Black does not generally reveal the meaning behind his body art however he did reveal what his large back tattoo meant to the Daily Star back in 2017.

“I don’t really talk about the meaning of my tattoos, but I will give you that one,” Black stated. “The being on my back is Lilith, in some folklore she is the first woman to ever rebel against paradise. The reason she is there for equality, equality for every man and woman – which is the most important thing there is.”

There are now a number of WWE’s top Superstars who will not be taking part in the show. We’ll be posting a full rundown of who will and won’t be there in the coming weeks.


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