It looks like a familiar face could soon turn up in either WWE or GFW.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Rey Mysterio is currently negotiating with both North American-based wrestling promotions.

Mysterio is currently under contract with the Lucha Underground promotion through their third season, which is scheduled to air in September via the El Rey Network. Following the expiration of that contract, Mysterio will have a 90-day no-compete clause.

Rey Mysterio, who is currently 42 years of age, left WWE in February of 2015, but has publicly stated that he is open to the idea of returning to the company.


  1. Well rey DOING TNA For 4programs
    WITH low ki & dutt & 5 weeks AS A MEMBER OF LAX THAN A bound FOR glory
    PPV THAN JUMP TO WWE LAST 2WEEKS OF DECEMBER -money in the bank 2018
    As freelancer & IF success offer contract
    working Raw and SmackDown & PERHAPS 3-12WEEKS

    Rey Mysterio VS ROLLINS VS Cedric Alexander VS CERSARO GOLDBERG
    Killian dain Lesnar & Tajiri OR Kendrick ladder MATCH

    Extreme Rules

    REY MYSTERIO VS ROLLINS VS NEVILLE VS Miz Intercontinental Championship


    REY VS Lesnar VS BRUAN VS Nakamura VS EITHER Killian dain OR Hassan yazdani

    for Wrestlemania 34 if Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble
    it’s new and unexpected
    & better than Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns versus The Rock versus Seth Rollins which rumors have been should suggesting that could happen

    ALL IF Brock Lesnar’s champion AFTER NO MERCY

    HASSAN YAZDANI VS United Kingdom champion versus Rey Mysterio
    for Rey Mysterio’s return first Survivor series or Royal Rumble should be his debut Feud then Neville & Cedric Alexander Gentleman Jack Gallagher

    interrupt the segment between Seth Rollins and Lesnar and January for the Royal Rumble is something Rey Mysterio would do and then jump the smack down and Feud with AJ Styles is how is how WWE should handle him

    if Rey Mysterio does the European tour in Survivor series November 2018 OR

    last two weeks of December 2018 return to the WWE having Rey Mysterio work with Neville Cedric Alexander Seth Rollins

    before WrestleMania xxxiv

  2. WWE FOR NOVEMBER European tour and Survivor series & nxt FOR DECEMBER THAN January working both SmackDown and Raw

    building up to the Royal Rumble

    HASSAN YAZDANI VS REY Mysterio Kurt Angle VS GULAK the Royal Rumble
    fatal 4 way

    YAZDANI VS REY MYSTERIO VS Nakamura vs. Brock Lesnar & shelton benjamin

    way better then Seth Rollins versus The Rock versus Roman Reigns vs Lesnar with Sounds what WWE MIGHT DO

    & NAKAMURA OR HARPER OR SAMI ZAYN OR KANE OR JERICHO jumping back to Raw to face Lesnar Seth Rollins and The Rock and Rey Mysterio jr.
    will bring fans to buy the Pay-Per-View and tickets in December and November if the rock says he’s making an appearance for an actual championship match because I don’t think the Rock Wood battle for the Intercontinental Championship in New Orleans but the WWE Universal title and facing Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar and Nakamura it’s kind of a rematch with Brock Lesnar and ROCK

    add Seth Rollins & Nakamura and Rey Mysterio

    & THAN Rey Mysterio versus Roderick strong Shawn Michaels Brian Kendrick

    Seth Rollins Neville & AJ Styles program & to wrestlemania and compete with the WWE Universal champion and Seth Rollins and The Rock and the Royal Rumble winner Nakamura or Luke Harper or Sami Zayn OR Mike Bennett Kanellis

    making Lesnar and Rey Mysterio & THE ROCK being the Legends & the icons and Seth Rollins as the veteran

    Rey Mysterio and Mike Kanellis
    & NAKAMURA program post WrestleMania

    but everybody’s thinking AJ Styles Rey Mysterio open challenge elimination chamber

  3. WELL NOVEMBER-MAY working RAW SmackDown

    & NOVEMBER 2018
    AS part timer and compete against AJ Styles

    Iranian gold medalist HASSAN YAZDANI 1996 Olympian Kurt Angle VS Rey Mysterio

    Seth Rollins versus The Rock versus Rey Mysterio versus Nakamura vs

    whoever’s world champion WWE Universal champion at least that will get some people to buy tickets in Louisiana that live in Europe and the Middle East & South Africa & Indonesia Australia Tasmania New Zealand

    168countries in 50 states for Wrestlemania

    Rey Mysterio can pull it off so can Nakamura and The Rock

    & killian dain VS gulak&tony OR The Undertaker ultimate submission & having Hector Guerrero as the referee

    would definitely get people in the building

    or WWE. Does 3out OF 5falls
    Rey Mysterio versus Neville

    Rey Mysterio RVD Batista vs BALOR GALLOWS Anderson Balor Club. VS newday

    4 WrestleMania could be good but I don’t see Rey Mysterio doing more than
    part time 22- 33weeks a year

    BUT 8-17 weeks IN TNA might work

    BUT January to September 2018 WWE return WORKS BUT 36 or 60 months full-time NO NO NO octo NO

    VS Lesnar FITS

    2016 Iranian Olympian 1996 gold medalist Olympian versus Rey Mysterio ROYAL Rumble

    & a program with Adrian Neville and Cedric Alexander

    & Sami Zayn AJ Styles Rey Mysterio Kevin Owens Chris Jericho whoever’s US champion facing Rey Mysterio in the winter could work BUT
    Winter-SUMMER deal works.


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