Boxing Superstar Tyson Fury will be heading to Saudi Arabia on October 31st to take on Braun Strowman. The ‘lineal’ Heavyweight Champion of the boxing world appeared at a press conference this past Friday. It was here that the match against the ‘Monster Among Men’ was confirmed to the world.

Tyson’s UK promoter Frank Warren recently spoke to BBC Sport and made some comments on the new venture for Fury. “In an ideal world he’d be wrapped in cotton wool between fights, but it’s not an ideal world. We’re just happy he’s getting out there, growing his profile and having a good time.”

There’s no doubt that Fury is one of the biggest draws currently in British boxing. Anthony Joshua was previously seen as the king of the UK cards however his shock loss against Ruiz Jr lowered his stock somewhat. Fury signed a big deal with BT Sport in the UK for the brand to host the majority of his PPV bouts and his current ‘comeback’ run has propelled him to the top of the mountain in terms of UK boxing notoriety.

Fury however has nowhere near that level of stardom in the United States. Even with his dramatic draw with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury needs to find ways to further his presence in the US and beyond.

“Tyson and his kids are huge fans. And how do you say ‘no’ when he’s got his heart set on it?” added Frank Warren. “The timing might not be optimal. But Tyson needs to be ready to fight Deontay in February so he couldn’t afford to wait around, and it is going to bring huge exposure to himself and to WWE.”


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