Some fans noted that the finish to Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks at WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view seemed to not go as planned. One of the last spots in the match got botched, and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is putting the blame for it on Banks.

Banks was supposed to go through a table propped up in the corner of the ring, then take Charlotte’s Natural Selection to finish the match. Instead, the table didn’t break, and one person on the creative side of WWE says Vince reacted negatively towards Sasha over the botch.

There are people in the company who feel she was in a lose-lose situation as she might have also gotten heat for calling an audible and kicking out of Charlotte’s finishing move in order to re-do the table spot.

The decisions for the Women’s Championship match to go on last, and for Charlotte to win the Title, were both made by Vince. He originally didn’t want it to be the main event, but changed his mind after Triple H and others pushed for it.