According to the New York Post, WWE has expressed interest in purchasing TNA. In a recent article about TNA President Billy Corgan’s plans to take over the company, the Post noted that WWE had made a bid on TNA.

The Post speculated that TNA would sell for $40 million, but industry insider Dave Meltzer says that figure is far too high. “Take one zero off,” Meltzer said of the rumored $40 million price.

Corgan says he’s agreed on a price with TNA’s other shareholders, and that he plans to use his celebrity to open new doors for the company.

“Our providing story lines in people’s lives is overlooked,” he said. “So is the multicultural aspect of wrestling as a perfect sell to advertisers. I can get anyone I want to listen to my vision.”


  1. It’ll be interesting if WWE buys TNA. But I doubt wwe would even use them for a storyline like they did the WCW invasion.. They will just shut the doors and put TNA out of their misery once and for all. I would like to see the WWE use TNA as a PG14 product for their older wrestling fans to have more edgy programming but that won’t happen

  2. Invasion 2.0? Not sure how I would feel about it, I have good memories of the first on but that was 15 years ago so if I’m wrong don’t correct me haha. TNA has nothing to offer WWE

  3. Not surprising, as people who frequented 24wrestling predicted back in 2011 that this would happen at some point. Even 4 million seems mighty generous. An invasion angle wouldn’t really be that interesting either given that TNA has been a wasteland for years now.

    • not really a prediction. if WWE bought WCW and ECW, logic would only dictate that if they could take TNA off the table, they would.

      Though TNA had been a wasteland for the past couple of years, they’ve really been cleaning up their act this past year. Dont’ know where the future would lead as TV isn’t the same world as it was ten years ago. Heck, even WWE at some point will end up in a difficult position because of TV seadily losing value.

        • No. it means adjustment. WWE’s ratings are insanely low compared to what they once were. the landscape is changing and has been changing especially the past five years. advertisers dont’ like the stigma of wrestling and even when ratings are high advertisers still tend to stay away.

          Big props that that i gave to WWE when they started their network is that they invested in something that one day may be the only thing left for them.

          • I agree with that – ratings are nothing like they once were. Like you, I blame the decline of TV, but I also blame the lack of ‘minor leagues’ for wrestlers. WWE is great at presenting wrestlers but terrible at training them. Back in the 80’s when the territory system was going out of vogue guys paid their dues for years before hitting the big time. WCW eventually became a major promotion but only after having acquired a bunch of WWE guys using Ted Turner’s money. I miss the old days when WWE actually had legit competition as it forced them to come up with a better show. TNA is hardly competition for them.

            The network is a good idea but the bottom line is that wrestling is running on nostalgia right now.

  4. Oh gawd they’ll make TNA as crappy as WWEeeee’s crap commerical shows! If TNA isn’t worth anything then why would they bother trying to buy them? If TNA had the big TV contract and money that stupid WWEeeee does they would blow crappy WWEeeeeee out of the water! Oh no here comes the but hurt WWEeeeee fans getting mad at the truth again! Go and watch the commerical WWEeeee shows so they can sell the next crappy pay perview! Glad I got better things to do then to watch a three commerical show trying to sell the next boring pay perview!

      • So telling the truth is called trolling these days ok I get it. So here’s more truth or trolling, WWEeeee has treated their talent crapper then just about any other company because they know they have the upper hand by being the big wresting company left, but like punk and Ryback has showed them, you can only push someone so far before they tell you to go to hell. Sad when the talent stand up for themselves the fans take stupid WWEeeeee’s side and bad mouth the ones standing up to the SOBs that are making wrestling a joke! WWEeeeeee is a joke! Two commerical shows and boring pay perviews. The fans should stand with the talent and boycott the crappy shows until WWEeeeeeee changes its shows and treats its talent better, but no the fans are too busy sticky their nose up Vince’s rear to do anything, by supporting a joke like WWEeeeeee!

        • Ryback hadn’t really been pushed since before his feud with John Cena that necessitated he turn heel and then lose almost every other feud he had afterward. Punk was pushed to the moon but still wasn’t happy.

  5. “I can get anyone I want to listen to my vision.” Your band was a big hit in the 90’s but it’s currently 2016. Your name isn’t as big as it once was. You can get them to listen but that doesn’t mean they will agree to it. Not hating, just saying

  6. Tna would be bought for nothing other than a video library and its content. No invasion would happen. It would only be for
    Network content and so they could acknowledge TNA and use it to further people already signed like AJ and joe by acknowledging their role and accolades in that company by releasing DVDs.

  7. TNA’s continued existence is good for the WWE. It has developed some great talents and if anything, WWE should support TNA like a minor league. Besides, WWE has gone stale since they took out WCW. They could use some competition, even if TNA can’t really muster much competition.

  8. So apparently there is no foundation to the story according to the Observer. That rumor just sprang up from out of nowhere. WWE has no interest at the moment


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