As noted, Ric Flair will be the subject of a new ESPN 30 For 30 documentary special called “Nature Boy,” which premieres on the sports cable channel next Tuesday, November 7th at 10pm EST.

Ahead of the debut of the special, the WWE Hall Of Famer and the director of the film, Rory Karpf, spoke with The Charlotte Observer about making the documentary.

During the interview, “The Nature Boy” himself spoke about creating the project, noting that it was tough to watch the finished product during a screening held in New York last week.

“It’s tough,” said Flair. “I mean, there’s some very emotional things in it. Anything with my son [Reid] is always gonna be fragile.”

Karpf also spoke about making the film, noting that he wasn’t sure if Flair would like the finished product.

“They’re talking in the film about his drinking and how he is a functioning alcoholic,” said Karpf. “While we’re watching that, he’s drinking! He’s throwing back vodkas!”

Karpf continued, “That’s an interesting experience. I don’t know if he’s gonna turn around and slug me over some of this stuff.”

Check out the complete interview with Ric Flair and Rory Karpf at


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