As noted, Eva Marie announced her departure, which was later confirmed by, from World Wrestling Entertainment on Friday. Following her departure from the company, WWE executive “Road Dogg” Brian G. James took to social media to comment on the story.

The former “Attitude Era” standout responded to a fan named Billi on Twitter who wrote to him, in critical fashion, about WWE letting Eva Marie go.

“[Eva Marie] going is tragic,” wrote the fan in a tweet sent to Road Dogg on Friday. “It’s a major sign that WWE have forgotten that men have d*cks [and] love hot women. Have a word [Road Dogg]?”

Road Dogg responded to the fan, calling him on his “classless” approach at inquiring and revealing that it was Eva Marie’s decision, not WWE’s, to part ways.

“Wasn’t our decision but at least your tweet is crass and classless,” responded Road Dogg on Twitter. “C’mon Billi, keep it clean on my TL dude.”

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