Former WWE Champion, ECW legend and IMPACT star Rob Van Dam has made some rather interesting comments recently. The ‘Whole F’ing Show’ recently spoke to The Unsanctioned Podcast and noted how he one suggested that Chris Benoit try cannabis.

“I remember telling Chris Benoit in Mexico, one of the last times I talked to him. And I was surprised to hear that he was open to it. Not to him taking it necessarily, but him open to the research that I was recording and he was believing that it wasn’t that bad,” claimed Van Dam.

“I don’t remember him expressing much interest in his own personal use, but it was something that everybody knew that RVD is a stoner or whatever, and I’m telling him something. I don’t know, I get on my soap box sometimes and I start preaching. Chris was into it and would just say like, ‘yeah I don’t think that’s so bad for you.’ I was just getting through to him in having a conversation and he didn’t disapprove of it.”


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