WWE Smackdown Live took place earlier this week with some (reportedly) interesting changes to the backstage setup. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claim that Vince McMahon and Triple H were not backstage at the show. This was due to Triple H preparing for Wednesday night’s NXT show. We do not have an update as to why McMahon was not at the show. Dave Meltzer claimed that “it was Kevin Dunn, Ed Koskey and Michael Hayes pretty much making sure all the finishes worked” for Smackdown.

Meltzer also reported that Eric Bischoff was “on headsets” during the show. The Observer also noted that “Bruce Prichard was producing backstage and Vince [McMahon] was constantly on the phone with everyone during the set up of the show.”

It will be interesting to see how much involvement McMahon has with the show going forward. With the XFL beginning soon the WWE Chairman will likely not have as much time to dedicate to WWE programming.

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This story comes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This is a Tier 1 site.



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