WWE Superstars Rusev and Lana have been missing from WWE for quite some time now. The former United States Champion recently commented on a tweet that indicated the couple “are currently on a break from WWE, and aren’t sure what their next step is going to be.” Rusev’s response to this was simply “Oh i know what my next step is.”

Speaking to Lillian Garcia back in February Rusev had some interesting comments regarding his status in WWE. “I do want to look my best, I do want to be at my best ’cause I do want to be WWE Champion, I do want to be on top,” Rusev stated. “I don’t want to be forgotten, but that’s what irks me, I do all these things but nothing changes. And that’s where the frustration comes. Alright then, what am I supposed to do? Cut my hair? I did that. It was not a good decision. No, I love the short hair but I got a few uncles that [didn’t like it]. I’m just trying to do something to catch Vince McMahon’s eye, with this, with that I’m trying. We go, we pitch, we talk, he just never comes to anything. It was last year around WrestleMania and before that when the whole Rusev Day started and everything. I thought it was my time. And I keep pushing for it to be my time and I keep talking to everybody, but nobody wanted to do anything. It’s very frustrating. But still, as frustrating as it is, I’m like, alright, let’s go to the gym. Let’s get better, let’s do whatever we can.”

Details on when and if Rusev and Lana may return are currently sparse.


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