WWE Superstar Samoa Joe recently spoke with U.K.-based media outlet The Mirror for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On whether or not his WWE Great Balls Of Fire pay-per-view match with Brock Lesnar lived up to his expectations: “Aside from the result, it was every bit the physical encounter I expected it to be. Brock is one of those special athletes, so everything in the ring is elevated to another level with him. I’m a very intense individual and I have no qualms in saying he definitely lives up to his hype as a very intense individual too. It was furious. It definitely lived up to the experience I thought it would be.”

On if he feels their program worked so well because WWE promoted it in a way where Joe was perceived as a legitimate physical threat to Lesnar, whereas most others are not: “Yeah and it’s also because Brock sees it that way. He knows what I’m capable of and what I can do in the ring. I think there is this false assumption that he’s really tone-deaf to the rest of the world, when really he’s probably, from what I’ve seen of how he has conducted himself, he is probably one of the most savvy businessmen in our industry, if not all combat sports. So he knew what he was getting into, who he was doing it with, and he understood the magnitude of what was going to go down and what kind of threat I presented to him. I think him being convinced if anything was what kind of lent more fire and hyper meaning to the match.”

Check out the complete Samoa Joe interview at Mirror.co.uk.


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