Samoa Joe says he’s enjoying his time in WWE so far. In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine to promote Takeover: Back To Brooklyn, the NXT Champion explained that he had hear “horror stories” about how things are in WWE before he joined the company. Joe began his career in 1999 and didn’t arrive in WWE until last year.

“The majority of my career, you see people released or on their way out of the company saying various horror stories about how things are,” Joe said. “So my expectations were pretty low. But being a part of the company has far exceeded my expectations. It has been a blast the entire time I’ve worked here.”

Joe says what makes this run in NXT so enjoyable for him is management giving him certain freedoms with his character. He feels that WWE trusts him enough to get over on his own as Samoa Joe.

“It was really WWE kind of taking their hands off and letting me do me,” he explained. “They kind of gave me the reins to be Samoa Joe and do what I needed to do. They let me keep my moniker. I think the biggest thing is they respected me and my artistic integrity.”

Joe also commented on the Cruiserweight Classic, calling it “very exciting” and says WWE is trying a lot of new and exciting things. You can read his entire interview here.


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