Former IMPACT performer Scarlett Bordeaux has now officially signed with WWE. The ‘Super Diva’ took to Twitter to talk about her recent signing. “I never understood why people say ‘Diva; like it’s a bad word,” Bordeaux tweeted. “And of course everybody wants to be a Superstar. Well I’m insatiable, why settle for one, when you can be both? Still a 10, still a Smokeshow, and now…?? A Super Diva.”

Bordeaux spoke to WrestlingINC back in January and had some interesting comments regarding WWE’s Women’s division performers. “I think a lot of them are hypocrites because a lot of these same women are amazing wrestlers, but they also do these sexy photo shoots and bikini photos,” Bordeaux stated. “Every woman – we like being called pretty. We like being called sexy… A lot of women are there to put other women down. It’s also talking down to the women who were Divas back in the day.”

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