WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has been getting some friendly backlash for a recent tweet. The ‘Architect’ retweeted a WWE post on the upcoming Stomping Grounds PPV. Seth commented that WWE is the “best pro wrestling on the planet. Period.”

With the current climate of pro wrestling you can imagine what the response was (check out the tweet at the bottom of the page). There were quite a few posts referencing AEW and New Japan (a lot of Okada action) refuting Rollins’ claim.

Jake’s Take: Ironically, this is probably the best piece of marketing for Stomping Grounds thus far. WWE has had a torrid time attempting to push a card with rematches from the Saudi Arabia show. Having Baron Corbin in the main event for RAW’s top Championship just reeks of how stale the product is and how the company need to do something drastic tonight.


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