WWE Superstar Seth Rollins took to Twitter to refute claims that he gave a ‘speech’ before RAW on Monday night. Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rollins gave a “rah-rah” speech before RAW on Monday night, with several talents currently unhappy due to the travel issues arising from their recent trip to Saudi Arabia.

Rollins wrote “You’re at best a purveyor of misinformation or at worst an outright, vindictive liar. I hope it’s the former.” Rollins also added #rahrah.

Seth elaborated further, saying “no Dave, my problem is that you’re spreading complete lies. I gave no speech. I said nothing before, during or after the meeting. So either you or your source is full of it. Either way, it’s a bold faced lie and I kindly ask you to quit pushing it.”

F4W/Wrestling Observer have now given a retraction from the original story.

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