WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins appeared on the WrestlingAC.com podcast to discuss a variety of topics. The Saudi Arabian based show asked Rollins if the main roster WWE Superstars are concerned about the quality of the NXT Takeover events and if they compare them at all.

Rollins stated that “there’s not really any fear [of NXT shows being better than WWE shows]. Obviously, they offer a different brand from what we do every Monday and Tuesday. They don’t nearly do it as often as we do, as well, and I would contend that my best matches are as good as any matches on those NXT shows. I don’t think there’s anybody down there that scares me.”

The Universal Champion also listed some of the Superstars that he would be interested in facing from the NXT roster. “Oh man, there are so many guys down there. Adam Cole just won the NXT Title and he’s a guy that I’ve never had any matches with. Johnny Gargano has gotten so much better since the last time we had a match together, which was like, ten years ago. You’ve got Roddy Strong, you’ve got Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Riddle who’s someone I’ve never faced either,” Rollins stated. “So, there’s a lot of interesting match-ups there. Even Velveteen Dream is a guy that I’ve never been in the ring with, so, I’m definitely looking forward to the prospect of those guys coming up and having some matches with them.”

You can check out the full interview below:

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription