NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 21: WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon attends the Make-A-Wish celebration event for John Cena's 500th Wish Granting Milestone at Dave & Buster's Time Square on August 21, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Stephanie McMahon made an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine this week and spoke about growing up in the pro wrestling industry, WWE traveling the globe and the women’s revolution that has taken place in the business over the past few years.

“I am the boss,” said McMahon with a smile. “Well, my character is the boss.”

“I use my power at any given chance,”she continued. “And women are a force to be reckoned with! There is now a women’s only tournament, which is part of this whole women’s revolution, where women have gone from lesser roles to becoming the main events at shows.”

Stephanie continued, “They have taken the world by storm. Women are forces of nature that have been stealing the show – as women often do!”

Also during the show, Stephanie revealed that 40-percent of the current WWE audience consists of women and more than 40-percent of families that attend WWE live events bring their children with them.

Check out more from Stephanie McMahon’s ITV appearance via the YouTube video player embedded above.


  1. P.P. Johnny, finally, beside looking great, the women can actually wrestle.
    They look like real women for a change & not just boobs on a stick.

    • They can wrestle when they’re allowed the time to. As for looking like real women they don’t look any different that what you had on the roster between 05-10 or 97-02,


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