Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podcast has finally returned. The Rattlesnake sat down with AEW President Tony Khan to discuss the new company and their critically acclaimed PPV Double or Nothing. During the episode Austin referenced the awkward 2016 WWE Network podcast where he spoke to (then) Dean Ambrose.

“For whatever reason, we got off on the wrong track,” Austin admitted. “It was a rough podcast. I have been carrying around 1,000 pounds on my back ever since that happened. I felt so bad about that interview, and I was leading the interview. I take the fault of it because I’m there to get people over and make them come off like a million bucks. We just came off on the wrong street and just kept taking left turns and never got back on track, well we never were on track. He had his reasons, and I had mine.”

Austin elaborated further, saying that “there was never any animosity towards us, I didn’t know how he felt about me, and I thought he might hate my guts,” Austin stated. “We got back on the same page, he never hated my guts. I think he’s going to come down to Los Angeles whenever he wants to and we’re going to do the podcast together.”


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