It appears as though WWE has reached yet another record low. Stomping Grounds took place this past weekend and apparently only drew 9,800 traditional PPV buys.

Now it is important to remember that the WWE Network has greatly changed the way in which fans purchase PPV events. It is also interesting to note that around 10% of WWE’s audience still purchase events via traditional PPV, due to lack of internet coverage in certain regions of the US and the ease of use. The 9,800 is the record low in company history, behind the 11,000 number that Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia drew just a couple of weeks ago.

In the modern era WWE gets on average between 15-16,000 buys for PPV. This spikes for the ‘big 4/5’ events such as the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series which reportedly draws around 20,000. WrestleMania 35 also apparently had 100,000 buys back in April.

The Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA was nowhere near at capacity when WWE held the Stomping Grounds event on Sunday. It’s a worrying trend for WWE to continue to record low numbers.


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