As noted, this week’s WWE 205 Live episode saw Chad Gable make his debut with a count out win over Jack Gallagher.

The match finish did not go as planned, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The count out was not supposed to happen, but the referee called the match as a shoot.

Gable suffered a busted mouth at one point during the match. The finish saw Gallagher go for a dive, but Gable caught him and went to hit a German suplex on the floor. Gallagher flipped over and landed on his face on the floor. He was supposed to jump back into the ring at the 9 count, but he waited until the last second and jumped in, then sort of got caught jumping in, and that’s when referee Mike Chioda called the finish as a shoot because Gallagher legitimately did not beat the count. Gallagher and Gable both looked confused and deflated after the match, like perhaps they still had some of their best exchanges to do. The Observer speculated that we could get a rematch with the planned ending next week.

Gable, who came to SmackDown in the 2019 Superstar Shakeup, is still listed as a member of the blue brand.


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