We here at 24Wrestling are delighted to welcome The Intercontinental Breakfast podcast to our growing family of audio content.

This Week’s Show

This week, two idiots who think they know better (Breffni & Nathan) present a special episode where they take a cue from 2002 and initiate a complete redraft of WWE’s two main shows, with Nathan taking control of Monday Night Raw, and Breff taking the helm of Friday Night SmackDown (Now on Tuesdays!).

The lads name their GMs. Announcers. Commentators. Interviewers. Producers and NXT-NXT UK-205 Live special draft picks. Plus Their Top 40 picks from the main roster. Also what they’d each do with their choices in the name of making WWE’s flagship programming as good as it possibly could be (or, how good a bunch of office chair bookers think it could be, but what do they know?).

The Intercontinental Breakfast | An Irish Wrestling Podcast is available on 24Wrestling.com, Transistor.fm, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and wherever good podcasts are sold.


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