To celebrate our 50th episode, Breff & Nathan crack open some cold ones for the inaugural Intercontinental Breakfast at Midnight, in which we have a few beers and chat about a particular topic or aspect of professional wrestling.

This time, we take a look at entrance music in wrestling: the best, the worst, the most fitting, the least fitting, disproportionately good music for an average performer, the best run of different themes, the best variants, and some forgotten gems. Featuring: Billy Gunn, Christian. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jeff Hardy. Edge. William Regal. The Rock. Sami Zayn. Shinsuke Nakamura. Wade Barrett. Baron Corbin. Hulk Hogan. Drew McIntyre. The Social Outcasts. Seth Rollins. The Undertaker. Kane and the philosophies of what a good entrance can do for a talent and for the audience.

And to cap it all, we unveil our new intro, featuring Bob the Announcer Guy!

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