Photo Credit: Janice Mersiovsky

Making her return to The Intercontinental Breakfast, Breff welcomes Irish Junior Heavyweight Champion & OTT Women’s Champion Valkyrie back to the show to give us an update on how she’s progressed in the two years since our last chat, talking everything including: the Irish wrestling landscape, training in Fight Factory, the Woke Queens and her partnership with Debbie Keitel, the Queen’s Court and both working with and learning from Katey Harvey, touring in Germany with wXw, her OTT journey, her favourite matches, her favourite opponents, some of the best advice she’s ever been given, the greatness of More Than Hype (and Club Rock Shandy), Irish wrestling talent to watch out for, the story of a recent little trip to the UK and what went down, and much more.

This interview is also featured as part of episode S03 E17 (July 27th 2019).

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