Update: You can see the video of The Rock’s speech here

As soon as the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view ended, The Rock grabbed a microphone and cut a promo for the New York City crowd. He started off the promo by saying: “Can The Rock get some water? Jesus Christ!”. Someone at ringside gives him some and he says “you better give The Rock some water, or I’ll kick your monkey ass.”

A loud chant then broke out with half the crowd chanting “You still got it!” while the other half chanted “Welcome back!”. He tells them to make up their damn minds on what they want to chant. He then addresses one-half of those chants, “as far as you still got it, shit, I always had it!” Crowd pops huge.

A “We want Ryder” chant then breaks out. “Yeah, I love him. I can’t believe how tall that son of a bitch is!”, Rock said.

A fan in the crowd yells “are you gonna cry?!” and The Rock responds with, “Hell no. I’ll put boots to asses before I cry. There must be some good weed in NYC for people to ask if The Rock is gonna cry!”

The Rock continues cutting a promo telling the fans he came to entertain them tonight. He thanks them all and claims tonight was the greatest night in the history of his WWE career. He says tonight is only the beginning and “the money isn’t that bad either.”

He thanks the fans once more and says goodnight.