The Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of TalkSport regarding the upcoming ‘Wednesday Night War.’ AEW will soon be airing live on the TNT Network in direct competition to NXT on USA Network.

NXT started on USA Network this past Wednesday. Matt and Nick were asked by TalkSport if they would’ve preferred to let the AEW show start without the competition.

Nick: “Ah man [laughs]. We all knew in AEW, we all knew they [WWE] were going to make that exact move, it was just a matter of what channel they were going to choose. So we were prepared for them to do this because it’s Vince McMahon. He’s done this for years and years! He’s tried to kill territories his whole career so what he’s trying to do is kill us from the start. But, you know what? I feel like it’s not going to happen this time around because wrestling fans need this and wrestling fans know that they need this. If it’s 20 years since we had a real, true alternative, I feel fans finally understand that and they know that and feel the momentum. I feel like we’re ready for it.”

Matt: “I really think it will bring more attention to us and it’s going to make their product better, our product better because they’re competing head-to-head with us and they have to put on a better show.”

Did You Watch NXT?

The Bucks were also asked if they actually watched the show on Wednesday night.

Nick: “I watched some of it. Matt and I, we have a lot of friends there. Candice LeRae, we have a history with so I was happy for her. She was in the first match in the four-way and she did great, so I was happy for her. It was a fun show, but in ten weeks from now, those fans might get tired. It happened with Impact, It took a while, but some of those shows at the Universal Studios. [Laughs] Those crowds were dead. It’s definitely possible that this happens to this NXT audience because it’s the same formula.”

Matt: “I’m rooting for them, though. I want them to have a good show. Ours is just going to be better.”


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