WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson recently spoke to YouTube channel Ring the Belle about a variety of topics from her WWE career. One of the more interesting aspects involved Wilson’s ‘Bikini Reveal’ angle against Sable. Back when WWE had bikini contests, Wilson went up against her then rival, Sable. Wilson initially had on a black bikini, but ended up revealing an even smaller bikini that she had underneath. Wilson noted in this interview that the original plans were to have hand prints painted on her chest. This would’ve been in reference to what Sable had done in the Attitude Era. Wilson ended up passing on that idea.

“I wish I could say that it was my idea but it was not,” Wilson noted. “That was creative’s. They came up with it. What they wanted me to do was to paint like Sable did. I guess it kinda makes sense because I was against her. But all I heard was, ‘You want me to paint what? No, I’m not.’ So this was like the crossover. We agreed on this one.”

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