There’s been a big shift in the perception of UK Wrestling over the past couple of weeks. PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Jim Smallman recently announced that he would be leaving the company in December. Some fans also believe that the NXT UK brand (where Smallman also works) is ‘destroying’ the UK scene. If you were to ask some of the UK’s up and coming talents they would respectfully disagree.

Alex Cupid of PROGRESS, Rev Pro and Japan’s Michinoku Pro has written this piece detailing how he believes the scene is absolutely fine.

“British Wrestling is fine.

So I’m incredibly privileged as a performer in the current landscape of professional wrestling. In my 3 years of wrestling I’ve enjoyed and accomplished feats such as:

  • Wrestling in Japan and also overcoming at the Grand TKP
  • Wrestling For Rev Pro, Progress and IPW
  • Getting access to the greatest minds professional wrestling has ever seen
  • Winning the TIDAL tag team championships
  • Performing in Wales for Exposure Wrestling

So….My little flex is over and I’ve made a point to leave a few off the list.

With excellent talent being produced monthly by training schools up and down the country it’s impossible for it to die.

Plateau? Maybe.

Die, absolutely not.

The people that proclaim WWE’s involvement is going to lead to our death simply know nothing, most are disgruntled fans who really need to remember why they enjoy wrestling in the first place. You’re not here because of what happens behind the scenes, you’re here because you love what we do in the ring.

Similar to how one might enjoy any TV show or a book.

We don’t know the business side of things, we just sit down and enjoy it. Yes, we critique but we don’t get ourselves entrenched in the “politics”

I’m considered an “up and coming talent” by most (I don’t see it myself) but looking around the various locker rooms I see optimism and general positivity.

It doesn’t matter who gets signed, one of us will come and grab that spot with vivacious spirit and claim it as our own.

Believe in us.

You’ve seen wrestlers come and go.

Nothing different here.

We are the future and together we are



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