– Following this week’s edition of SmackDown where for the second time Stardust walked out on Goldust during a match, the official WWE website is teasing a breakup of their team. The WWE website wrote the following in an article titled, “Is this the end of Gold & Stardust?”

“Whether Gold & Stardust’s recent troubles can be chalked up to a sibling drama, competitive tag team partners frustrated with losing or something deeper, only time will tell if a breakup is written in the stars for the talented tag team partners. Don’t miss Raw this Monday night at 8/7c to see what’s next for Gold & Stardust.”

– For those wondering, Batista is still currently under a contract with WWE. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be used at any point in the near future, however, as he’s currently focused on his movie career.

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    • Makes sense won the rumble and didn’t get as many chances as randy did would but the heat on him and take it off reigns if he still has any after fast lane

      • What do you mean, Orton only had 1 title match after losing it at WM30, and that match was a fatal 4 way… but Batista is plontas

  1. Yeah I don’t blame Batista for focusing on movies. PProbably made 10 times as much for Guardians of the Galaxy as he did with all his years in wrestling combined.


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