As we recently reported the buys for the All Out PPV from AEW seemed to be down from that of ‘Double or Nothing’ just a few months prior. It’s worth noting that Double or Nothing was AEW’s first PPV offering and that All Out falls just before AEW’s TNT debut, which may have hurt some of the momentum heading into the show.

AEW’s All Out pay-per-view drew around 28,000 buys on standard TV pay-per-view in the United States, which would not include B/R Live, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The number was down 20% from the early TV pay-per-view numbers for AEW Double Or Nothing, which was estimated at 35,000 buys a few days after the event ended. Double Or Nothing ended up at 39,000 US TV PPV buys, which could indicate that All Out will have another 10-12% added to the number of buys when all is said and done.

FITE TV however have said that All Out “exceeded” Double or Nothing in terms of buys on the streaming platform. We do not however have a specific number available from FITE.



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