The Anthem Sports vs. Broken Hardys legal battle has flared up again online after Matt commented that a trademark deal was imminent, then Jeff Jarrett denying that, and Matt’s wife Reby then calling out GFW and Jarrett by saying a deal was reached last week.

In a new report by, sources say that Reby’s story is true and Anthem and the Hardys agreed in principle to a deal that would allow the Hardys to use the Broken gimmick.

This verbal agreement reportedly called for both sides to issue statements wishing well to the other, and would cease publicly speaking about the dispute. It was indicated that Anthem would receive a payoff for the deal, and that WWE was not involved in any negotiations.

Anthem Sports executive Ed Nordholm reportedly feels that the agreement Hardy’s lawyer sent him is not what they had verbally agreed to. If Nordholm does not sign the agreement or renegotiate the terms, the Hardys are expected to file a lawsuit for breach of contract from their old TNA deals signed by Dixie Carter.