VIDEO: Enzo Amore Rape Accuser Talks To TMZ About What Allegedly Happened

7:15pm EST Update: Enzo has denied the accusations through a statement from his lawyer. Read the statement by clicking here.

As noted, WWE has fired Enzo Amore after a woman accused him of raping her back in October 2017 at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. WWE originally announced Enzo’s suspension on Monday but later released him less than 24 hours later. The Phoenix Police are investigating the case and were first notified back in October after being called to a local hospital to file a police report.

TMZ spoke with Enzo’s accuser, who has been identified as Philomena Sheahan, who gave them permission to publish her name and show her face.

Sheahan says she repeatedly told Enzo to “back off and leave her alone” but he refused to stop. Sheahan alleges that Enzo was hitting on her hard in a Phoenix hotel room, at The Clarendon Hotel & Spa, on October 19th, adding that she tried to slow him down, saying, “I want to get to know you first.”

Sheahan alleges that Enzo ignored consent and became very aggressive, ripping off Sheahan’s tights and raping her in various parts of the hotel room.

“I said ‘no’ countless times,” Sheahan said. “I just kept saying ‘No.'”

Sheahan said she was crying as she begged Enzo to stop but he threw her on a bed instead, and then hit her so hard that she passed out. She claims Enzo continued to restrain her and continued with the sexual assault.

She also claims that Enzo was still there when she woke up the next morning and that he laughed at her when she asked for her clothes.

Attempts to reach Enzo for comments were unsuccessful. He has been quiet on social media since the allegations hit the media on Monday, except for a re-tweet of comedian Jeff Ross roasting WWE Superstars in a video for RAW 25.

Above is video of Sheahan talking to TMZ about the alleged assault. There is some graphic language used in the video.