Welcome back to a new weekly column here on 24 Wrestling: We Need To Talk About. Each week I’ll be looking at a different aspect of the wrestling industry and current products…specifically areas which are fairly unbelievable. This week I’ll be looking at arguably the biggest piece of news since WrestleMania…the return of Jon Moxley.

For those of you unaware Jon Moxley was the name of Dean Ambrose during his independent run. Moxley was a Deathmatch specialist, thriving in companies such as CZW, Dragon Gate USA and wXw. The former ‘Lunatic Fringe’ released a promo video on Twitter a mere 5 minutes after his WWE contract had reportedly finished. The video (which you can see in the tweet below) shows Moxley escaping a prison and climbing a metal fence lined with barbed wire.

Moxley is Relevant Again

What is interesting is that in this one small promo video Dean Ambrose is now the most talked about and relevant wrestler on the planet. For someone who has been mired in WWE’s upper midcard/main event for the past couple of years it’s incredible how he has managed to garner such a buzz in a matter of hours. At the time of writing the video has already surpassed a million views on YouTube. This is an impressive feat considering it has merely been pushed by word of mouth and social media. No company is attached to the video but with the excellent production values there are valid questions being asked.

All Elite Moxley?

The biggest question now is where will Moxley end up? The almost glaringly obvious answer would be All Elite Wrestling…potentially. Moxley appears to be the sort of individual to value creativity over a paycheck, he left WWE seemingly for this reason. There’s no denying that AEW could use someone of his name recognition and brand, but Moxley may not wish to tie himself down to a contract. There are a number of independent groups out there where Moxley could thrive creatively, especially the aforementioned CZW. Another factor to consider is that the former Ambrose may not wish to burn any bridges with WWE. If Jon Moxley were to appear in AEW he would of course end up back in WWE at some point  if he wanted to but he may not wish to contribute to what could end up being WWE’s competition. Having said that if he appeared at Double or Nothing I would not be shocked in the slightest.

The Dream Match

There’s a theory I have about Moxley’s first appearance in-ring. AEW have recently signed UK Superstar Jimmy Havoc to a contract. Havoc is one of the finest practitioners of the Deathmatch style on the planet, he himself wants to face Moxley. Jimmy Havoc will be taking part in his final independent match for PROGRESS this Monday. Now, Moxley does strike me as the sort of person to want to shock the audience, so could he appear and face Havoc in a dream Deathmatch? There’s a very good chance of it.

Where do you think that Moxley will end up? Let us know in the comments 


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