Starrcast II will be taking place during the AEW Double or Nothing weekend in May. There have been several issues with WWE and Starrcast in terms of performers contracted to appear. Starrcast creator Conrad Thompson recently stated that The Undertaker and Kurt Angle had been removed from the event due to their recently signed contracts with WWE. This caused a few issues as the pair had allegedly already signed deals to appear at Starrcast.

It was recently announced that Starrcast will be showing the mythic Bret Hart vs Tom Magee match from October 1986. This match has lived in WWE lore due to the story that Vince McMahon saw Tom Magee in this match and claimed that he was his ‘next Hulk Hogan.’ After reportedly giving Magee a push on the house shows after that it was discovered that Magee was less than magnificent in-ring. In fact this was one of the reasons that Bret Hart was so highly thought of at the time, giving Magee easily the match of his career.

Starrcast will be ‘premiering’ the match at their event, with Hart and Magee present to answer questions on this bizarre situation. Many believed that the tape was lost and would never be recovered, until this year.

According to the Wrestling Observer WWE have agreed to allow Starrcast to air the match, even though they of course own the rights. This has been seen as somewhat of a ‘make-good’ from WWE for pulling Undertaker and Kurt Angle, however this isn’t confirmed and realistically it doesn’t match up. Unless of course you’re desperate to see this bout.



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